Research for Community Access Partnership

Research for Community Access Partnership

Cardno is reducing poverty in developing countries by driving high quality, sustainable research projects that are shaping all-weather, climate-resilient and affordable rural transport solutions.

Transport is fundamental to economic growth and the delivery of basic services. Low volume roads are the principal form of transport in the rural parts of most low-income countries. People require access to reach basic services like schools, hospitals and all kinds of economic and social opportunities. However, an estimated one billion people live further than 2 kilometers from an all-season road. Isolated communities are often left behind in development.

Cardno was appointed by DFID to manage the Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP), a £28.5 million programme designed to address the challenges of providing safe and sustainable access to poor rural communities in Africa (12 countries) and Asia (five countries).

The Programme’s focus is to collect, generate, analyse and disseminate high quality, applied research that will assist governments and local implementing partners to achieve all-weather, climate-resilient and affordable rural transport to poor communities.

Bringing an in-depth emphasis on research uptake and long-term sustainability of the Programme, Cardno’s efforts revolve around the following key areas:

  • rural infrastructure research
  • rural transport services research
  • knowledge management and communication
  • rural transport research capacity building in beneficiary countries.

A sustainable future under ReCAP is one where research results are adopted in practice and influence future policy. Through partnership arrangements in ReCAP countries and with established international research centres, our team (the ReCAP Programme Management Unit) is providing technical assistance both to formulate and to carry out research. In practical terms, that sees us working to increase the local (national) capacity to initiate, manage and carry out research in the fields of low volume roads and transport services, manage and disseminate the knowledge created, and sustain capacities into the future.

ReCAP is approaching its final year of the six year lifespan and is focusing on uptake and embedment of the research it has helped carry out to date. From the beginning, sustainability has been a prominent cross cutting theme and the final year will be vital to achieve this, embedding the data into policy and practice, across all 17 countries.

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Client Department of International Development (UK) Ltd

Location(s)Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan


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